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"No need to borrow your water or electricity, we've got that covered!"




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Full Exterior Detailing

  • Pre-wash Inspection

  • Pressure Wash Rinse

  • Foam Cannon Bath

  • Wheels Deep Cleaned

  • Shampoo Hand Wash Process

  • Door and Trunk Jambs Deep Cleaned

  • Iron Removal Treatment

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Protective Ceramic Sealant

  • Windows/Mirrors Cleaned

  • Exterior Trim and Tire Dressing

Service Cost:

$100 -$150

Based on condition, determined in pre-inspection

Full Interior Detailing 

  • Pre-inspection

  • Deep Vacuum Clean

  • Compressed Air Blowout

  • Doors, Dash, Console, Interior Panels Fully Deep Cleaned

  • Full Steam Cleaning Treatment On Interior Cup Holders, A/C Vents & Crevices

  • Trunk Fully Cleaned

  • Leather Care Treatment

  • Windows/Mirrors Cleaned

  • Door and Trunk Jambs Deep Cleaned

  • Odor Elimination Process

  • Interior Trim Dressing

Service Cost:

Small (Compact Car) $180

Medium (Compact SUV/Truck) $200

Large (Full Size SUV/Truck) $220

Full Exterior/Interior Detailing 

  • Includes Full Exterior/Interior Detailing services

Service Cost:

Small (Compact Car) $260

Medium (Compact SUV/Truck) $280

Large (Full Size SUV/Truck) $300

Engine Detailing 
  • Pre-inspection

  • Vacuum Clean

  • Compressed Air Blowout

  • Degreaser Application

  • Safe Hand Deep Clean of ALL Panels, Labels, Metals, and Plastics

  • Dressing Application - restore appearance and protect the surfaces from future damage

Service Cost:


Headlight Restoration 
  • Pre-inspection

  • Pre-restoration Cleaning

  • Sanding: removing any oxidation and scratches from the headlight lenses

  • Polishing: polishing compound to restore clarity and shine to the headlight lenses

  • Protection: protective coating to the headlight lenses to prevent future oxidation and UV damage.

Service Cost:


  • Vehicles with heavy pet hair and/or heavy staining subject to additional service charge upon inspection.

Service Cost:

  • Determined in Pre-inspection

  • Owner notified


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At Flawless Auto Detailing, we're not just your average detailing shop - we're the crème de la crème of auto detailing. We're the Michelangelo of car washing, the Picasso of tire shining, and the Shakespeare of windshield wiping. In other words, we're the best in the Okanogan Valley when it comes to making your car look and feel like new again.

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